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Inspired by the Perfection of Nature and the Love of a Grandmother

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Amalina Organic Skin Care Bio

Our passion at Amalina Organic Skin Care is inspired by my Grandmother. A wise lady with a natural concern for what she would put on her skin, she was always able to find organic plant based lotions and potions to care for everyone around her, including myself. This mentality was handed down through the generations. This is her legacy.

After a lifetime of stories, recipes and advice, I decided to share this knowledge into products for everyone. My Grandmother is now 100 years old and looks amazing, her skin is smooth, fresh and clearer than many a fraction of her age.

We are a family run business dedicated to sourcing our ingredients from reputable and certified organic producers who have worked with leading researchers and skin care professionals to develop this skin care range.

Amalina Organic Skin Care Ethos

The ethos at Amalina Organic Skin Care is to ensure that high quality organic and plant based ingredients are used to protect, nourish, care and cleanse the skin.

Our ranges are ethically and sustainably sourced; they have not been tested on animals and are not harmful to our bodies or our planet, with fully recyclable packaging, our products are created with love.